10 More Instagram Men You Should Be Following

In our constant effort to bring you the finest in social media eye candy, we would like to present you with some on the finest Instagram men there are to gawk at.

Max Adonis @corkswag

One of the handsomest porn stars in the biz, Max Adonis also seems like a genuinely nice guy. Or maybe it’s just that perfect, inviting smile.

Gus Kenworthy @guskenworthy

Gus is one of the first openly-gay American Olympians, famous for (among other things, of course) a kiss with his boyfriend that was broadcast to the world during the 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

Mr. Kenworthy has gone on to be a bit of a pop culture personality, even making it into the 9th season of American Horror Story.

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Me (feat. feet) 👣🐆🐾👙

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Dan Brian @mallow610

Dan was once an innocent young, gay Youtube vlogger. But those days are gone. Dan has blossomed into the OnlyFans twunk thot he was always meant to be. Instagram boys to Instagram men. And the circle of life continues.

Gabriel Cross @thegabrielcross

Gabriel is a porn star extraordinaire who has fucked his way through most of the biggest names in gay porn. But no shade; it’s honestly impressive. And if you’re wanting a preview of what will be on his OnlyFans later, Gabriel often posts pictures with himself and his current scene-mates, some of whom are notable Instagram men themselves.

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Ready & waiting. But who am I waiting for…?🤔

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Andrew Keenan-Bolger @keenanblogger

Sometime actor, full-time influencer, Andrew is a Broadway babe who exudes an aww-shucks, sweet charm you can’t resist. But who would want to?

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Question of the Day⁉️ Why do you love theater?🎭 For the past few weeks I’ve been a part of a Zoom group of theater makers — people from various backgrounds interested in innovation and re-framing how theatre is made, who is making it, and who gets to be a part of it once all this is over. Every week we have a creative prompt and this week was to answer the question, “Why do you love theater?” As someone who’s spent much of my career trying to make sense of this art form and figuring out how we can use social media to extend it to a wider audience, I thought this would be a good place to execute my prompt. The fact is, this question was really hard to answer. In recent years, theater has been something that has often bummed me out. Theater, especially commercial theater, has gotten inaccessible and unaffordable to audiences and under-represents large swaths of our community. And as a career, it has given me incredible opportunities, but it has also broken my heart many times over. This has been hard to grapple with because there was a time in my life where theater was EVERYTHING. Where every free second I had, I would spend it either in rehearsal or searching out a performance opportunity for the future, where every dollar I made, I would use it to buy cast recordings or save up for tickets. Where I didn’t have a Plan B, because life without theater just wasn’t an option. So what was it about that time in my life that made me feel so invincible? I’d be lying if I said I knew, and trust me, I’ve spent years trying to get back to that place. But if I had to guess, I’d say it probably had something to do with the community. When I think to the moments that have brought me the most joy in this business, I’d say only about 30% of them have to do with standing center stage and singing in a spotlight. 70% of them are telling war stories during tech, or pulling pranks backstage, or post-show hangs with cast mates over chicken finger baskets at diners. So I want to bounce it back to you. One thing I’ve definitely learned is that community doesn’t stop at the stage door. And hearing your stories often helps me make sense of my own. So tell me, why do you love theater?

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Matteo Lane @matteolane

Matteo Lane is one of the best gay comics operating right now. He’s hilarious and talented. Also, he happens to be insanely fit, and he doesn’t mind showing people.

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Panos Tsaklas @panopancakes

Panos has been a popular Youtuber for quite some time now, keeping it real with his very open and often blunt social media style. And he also dabbles in rapping, if you’re into that.

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Was feelin myself 💫🤠

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Wilson Cruz @wcruz73

My teenage self is very sexually confused by how hot Rickie Vasquez has become. Wilson Cruz has played gay icons for his entire life: Rickie from “My So-Called Life,” Angel in “Rent” on Broadway, and now Dr. Culber, one half of the first gay couple in Star Trek history on Star Trek: Discovery.

So now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to objectify him. Pecs for daaaaayyyyssss.

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Monday, at the office.

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Raul Andres @raul_andresyourself

Also known by his alter ego, Paul Canon. No, I’m not just going for any old porn star to make our list of Instagram men. For them to make the list, they have to be hot and genuinely interesting/charming on their social media.

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I redid my home gym. 🤘🏼

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I just realized something.. . . . . . . . I need to buy more cologne.

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Pup Amp @pupamp

Pup Amp is a bit of a personality in the leather community. He has a very popular Youtube channel called “Watts the Safeword” in which he discusses a lot of sex- and community-related issues.

He was also voted San Francisco’s Mr. Friendly, a role that advocates for HIV education and poz issues within the gay community. And yes, before you ask, he’s also done some porn.

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