Rome, Italy

A Month in Gay Italy Part 4: Rome

Rome is the capital of gay Italy.  Despite Milan’s cultural and artistic importance both within the country and internationally, it has not managed to eclipse the gay life of the ancient city.

The picture above is from a small strip of gay restaurants, bars, and other businesses within view of the Colosseum, and other bars are scattered around the city.  I haven’t been to many cities where the gay life is so directly in the center of the history and culture of the city.  Eating a fine Italian meal on the patio of a gay restaurant while admiring the Colosseum?  Yes, please.

As you may have picked up on by now, I’m a huge fan of history and a huge fan of art.  Few cities in the world can compete with Rome on those counts, and there’s no doubt it’s on the shortlist for an overall winner.

The Colosseum is of course a must-see, but people sometimes overlook the nearby Roman Forum, which is possibly even more impressive and historically significant.  To see the actual Roman temples where the emperors worshiped, the road where the victory marches took place, the pyre where Julius Caesar was cremated.  Ancient churches built upon even older Roman temples.  I feel like telling you all about the many sights that blew me away, but it would just turn into a long list that you can find in any tourist guide.  The place is just a non-stop history-nerdgasm and, if I can coin a phrase here, a neverending eye-gasm.  Yes, that’s a good thing.  Long story short:  No one’s world travels are complete without Rome, period.

As far the gay scene goes, I found people to be pretty warm and inviting.  I had a great time exploring the nightlife.

As luck would have it, I happened to be in Rome for their Fetish Week…  So that happened.  It wasn’t exactly Berlin or Folsom Street Fair (let alone Dore Alley), but rest assured a freaky element is alive and well in Rome.  The leather bar in town is legit; there was even a dress code the night I went.

Italy is certainly one of the world’s great treasures.  The culture, natural beauty, and yeah, hot men everywhere.  If a month in Italy taught me anything, it’s that a month is nowhere near enough.  There’s a saying in Italy that a lifetime in Rome is not enough.  I absolutely believe it.  I can’t wait to go back!

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