Keegan Allen and James Franco in King Cobra: Gay Netflix Review

Gay Netflix Review: King Cobra

One of the higher profile LGBT films of the last couple of years, King Cobra tells a true story of gay porn and murder.  It’s a sort of origin story for superstar Brent Corrigan, albeit an extremely screwed up one.

You see, Brent (real name Sean Paul Lockhart, played by Garrett Clayton from the house of Disney) began his porn career while still underage using a fake ID.  Even more screwed up, one of the men involved in his ascendance to stardom was shortly after murdered.  Keegan Allen (from Pretty Little Liars) and James Franco (from everything) play rival porn producers/stars who try to steal Brent from his original porn producer, played by Christian Slater.

Ok, so I know James Franco is a little bit polarizing, but I’m going to go on record right now as saying I love him.  He’s crazy and eclectic, high-brow and low-brow.  Who else could star in ridiculous stoner comedies like Pineapple Express and then turn around and make an experimental documentary about 1970s gay leather bars that included actual gay sex.  He’s played gay more often than Harvey Fierstein.  Also, I find him extremely attractive.  What?  I’m human.

The cast generally is pretty good, though they don’t really seem to be taking the story very seriously.  The writing doesn’t seem to either.  It seems meant to be a light titillating entertainment (porn! murder!), which is a little screwed-up since someone really did die.

Taken on its own terms, then, the film is relatively successful.  If you want to watch porn stars being crazy and James Franco getting fucked over the back of a couch while screaming about how much he wants it, this movie is for you.  If you want a serious examination of the adult industry, look elsewhere.

And now, just because I can, here’s James Franco getting boned:

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