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#LGBTbabes is Trending and Here Are Some of the Best

It’s not too often the Internet comes up with a positive, affirming meme that asks people to compliment themselves, but everyone mark their calendars because today was the day it happened.  The hashtag #LGBTbabes has begun to trend, with participants posting pictures of themselves.  Let’s just say it’s become a self-love fest. (Mind out of the gutter!)

Here are some examples to get you going:

The twinks came out in force.

There’s always room for smoldery.

Okay, the twinks may have been over-represented.

Let’s not forget the ladies.

My favorite lesbian comic (sorry Ellen) got into the swing, too!

At least one young woman used it as a way to come out.

Non-binary are babes too.

Using babe in the gender neutral sense, obvs.

Did I mention there were a lot of twinks?

So go on Twitter and show everyone what a babe you are, and while you’re there follow us!  Post links to your favorites below.

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