Male nudity in Macklemore video

Macklemore knows his gay fanbase

Let it never be said that Macklemore takes his gay fans for granted.  There are very few more outspoken allies than rapper Macklemore.  One of his biggest hits was a gay marriage anthem, after all.  Perhaps equally important to his popularity among gay guys, he’s hot as hell.  So there’s that.

He knows we’re a major segment of his fanbase.  And fortunately for all us he’s not above pandering to us a bit.  So Macklemore’s new video for his song “Dance Off” features some completely pointless and gratuitous male nudity!  It has nothing to do with anything and serves no purpose whatsoever except to allow gay men and straight women say “oh look, it’s a nice ass – I want to watch this video again.”

I like to think it’s just a big thank you to the gays.  Well you’re welcome, Macklemore.  You’re welcome.  Also, thank you, too.

Macklemore and butt

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